Founded in 1959, Dobama Theatre has been taking risks and bringing some of the most important plays of the past half century to the region.

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For 60 years, Dobama audiences have enjoyed thought-provoking plays in an intimate setting.  We strive to bring you quality premiere productions of plays by today’s established and emerging and playwrights.  It is a unique mission, one that would not be possible without the generous support of our donors.

Dobama has been the recipient of numerous awards for the exceptional quality of its productions and its commitment to excellence. We can only maintain that quality through the generous support of the public. Only 30% of our income comes from ticket sales. That is why your investment makes the difference. Your tax-deductible contribution translates directly into the work you see on our stage.

Our mission is challenging. New titles are difficult to promote and new works are risky to produce. Yet that has been the passion of Dobama artists and founders, as well as our audiences. Donald Bianchi, Dobama co-founder, said about his tenure as Artistic Director:

“We took risks. We could afford to fail. There was no excuse to play it safe. Hits are nice, but so are failures. You learn from them. We asked audiences to take the risk with us. Feel welcome. We’re all in this together.”