by Greg Vovos
starring Christopher Bohan*
directed by Nathan Motta
June 15 - July 2, 2017


*the June 18th 2:30pm matinee has been cancelled.

Run time: 90 minutes (no intermission)
Content Advisory: Depiction of Drug Use, Smoking, Adult Language


The story

A heroin addict in his thirties decides he’s going to take his life so he no longer has to destroy the lives of those around him. But before doing so, he decides to make a video for heroin users everywhere instructing them on how to be respectable junkies, because even he has grown weary of their behavior. HOW TO BE A RESPECTABLE JUNKIE takes an in-depth look into the troubled soul of a man caught in heroin’s deadly grip. Based on real-life events, JUNKIE is at once eye-opening, heartbreaking, full of humor, and ultimately hopeful.

It’s not what you think. I’m not tripping my balls off right now. Not speaking in tongues. I mean, this isn’t ecstasy, acid or coke or anything. It’s just…I mean, it’s an opiate, right. A pain reliever. It takes away the anxiety of living. But it’s more than that for me. It gives me breath. Imagine if you were lying in bed, late at night, freaking out in the wee hours of darkness and suddenly you lose your breath. There’s a pillow on your face. Smothering you. You try to fight it off, whoever it is, you’re trying to breathe, but you can’t…you just…but then you shoot up…and breath returns. You can breathe. Fresh air. I don’t ever want to take a sober breath. And I won’t ever again. Because once I’m through with this, I’m out. No more hustling, no more scrounging, no more fucking people over.

The Artists



*coming soon!

The Audience

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Support for this production is provided by:

support for this production was generously provided by the following individuals:

Mindy Herman
Michael Knobloch
Mary Wilkinson
Matt Eiben
Marcel Duhamel
The Vovos Family
Christopher M. Bohan
Jennifer Stapleton
Anne McEvoy
Austin Gonser
Cyrus Oliver Taylor
Bill & Michelle Cook
Julie Friedman
Sean Grandillo
Donna Korn
Cathy Albers
Donna Taylor Kolis
Marian Fairman
Roseann Tracy
Jon P. Moretti
Catie O'Keefe
Nicholas Chokan
Rebecca Calkin
Emily Louise
Leighann Delorenzo
Ariana Starkman
Laura Starnik
John Busser
Deb Dyer
Linda Eisenstein
Rick Reising
Andrew Gorell
Shannon Sindelar
Carol Palmer
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