From the Artistic Director: ELLA ENCHANTED

Everyone in America has had some exposure to Cinderella growing up. Most of us accepted the story at face value - a young woman forced to keep house for her evil stepfamily before being rescued by her prince. But do we ever stop to think about what the story’s saying or question the narrative? Why would anyone stay to clean and be verbally abused by her stepmother when she could just get up and leave? How would marrying a man she’s only known a few hours and who is content to find his bride using footwear that was left behind instead of, you know, having a conversation with young ladies from his kingdom be considered a happy ending for Cinderella? Gail Carson Levine’s Newbery Honor book ELLA ENCHANTED as we as by Karen Zacarías’ play adaptation by the same name addresses these inconsistencies.

Ella, like women throughout history, is cursed with obedience. Rather than accept her fate, she resists and goes on a journey of self-discovery to break the spell. Along the way she forms relationships based on mutual respect with the many people she encounters. She overcomes obstacles and outwits those who wish to do her harm. She is heroic, turning bad situations into opportunities. Ella is determined, intelligent, resourceful, brave, and even a bit flawed. Now that’s a “Cinderella” for today’s world - a story we can tell with confidence, joy, and pride to our children.

I hope you enjoy this extraordinary production, one of the first in the country, featuring a superb creative team and a stellar ensemble of actors. We hope we’re able to bring a little magic into your life during this special time of year. We’re grateful that your family could spend a little of this holiday season with us. Enjoy the magic of ELLA ENCHANTED!

With Love & Respect,