18/19 Brochure AD Notes

Integrity drives all the work we do at Dobama Theatre. It is something we take into account in everything from season selection to the curtain calls. Artistic, professional, and ethical integrity are at the center of every decision.

Dobama has always had the courage to take risks in the plays we produce. They may not always ensure box o ce success, but we bring important new plays to our stage – plays that reflect the community we serve and that tell stories that are urgent and relevant to the world we live in today.

Dobama has made a commitment to professionalism and we put in the time, effort, care, and resources it takes to live up to our commitment. Dobama values quality over quantity. Before we add programming or productions, we make sure that it aligns with our mission, that it will be executed up to our artistic standards, and that we can fairly compensate the artists involved.

This season we offer six incredible plays by six extraordinary women. These award-winning writers are Black, Latinx, and White. They hail from Detroit, Boston, D.C., San Diego, London, San Antonio, and New York. These plays tell the stories of strong, central female characters and are diverse in genre, style, scope, and theme.

At this moment in time, where isolationism, echo chambers, racial and sexual violence, mass shootings, inequality, and misinformation are as visible as ever, theatre can break down walls and start conversations. In the era of #MeToo, #BlackLivesMatter, and #TimesUp, art can be a living hashtag – something that connects and informs members of our community face-to-face. So it is vital that we are intentional in the work we do. This includes the spotlighting of women playwrights this season, doing collaborative work for the protection of theatre artists, and pursuing purposeful social justice work as a theatre community.

As we head into our 59th Season, we’re dreaming big. We have plans for dynamic growth in our facility, our programs, and our capacity to serve the Greater Cleveland community. But you can be sure that, in all we do, Dobama will be true to our mission of producing thought-provoking, relevant, and illuminating new plays for our shared community.


With Love & Respect,

Nathan Motta
Artistic Director, Dobama Theatre