From the Artistic Director: THE EFFECT

At its best, theatre examines, explores, and comments on the human experience. So, as human beings, how to we experience the world? Everything we touch, taste, hear, think, feel, and express comes from one central place – the brain. Our personality, decision-making, EVERYTHING comes from that command center in our skull. To think of it so medically seems almost de-humanizing. Yet the result of our brain’s function, triggers our body’s physical responses. These biological reactions are manifested in feelings that we have come to call love, anger, sadness, etc. So, if our brain is compromised, can we trust what we’re thinking? Can we believe what we’re feeling? This question is at the crux of Lucy Prebble’s superb new play THE EFFECT.

Lucy Prebble is a brilliant playwright who’s writing is that rare combination of cerebral and personal. She writes about extremely complex subjects through stories that are imbued with great humanity and compassion. THE EFFECT is an extraordinary piece of theatre. The script is intelligent, sensual, heartbreaking, and beautiful. The dynamics at work between the two couples examined in this play are constantly shifting, giving the audience an experience filled with both suspense and sympathy. The story is both incredibly thought-provoking and exceptionally moving. You care deeply about the characters you meet and still, on the ride home, you very well may be asking yourself questions about what effects how you experience the world.

We hope you enjoy Dobama Theatre’s production of THE EFFECT. This fifth show in our 17/18 season is another unique experience as our audience surrounds the action in this medical theatre we’ve created. Stay tuned for the announcement of our 18/19 Season on April 7th and make your plans for the epic closing production to 58th season, APPROPRIATE, which opens April 20th. As always, thank you for supporting the performing arts and for being a part of Dobama – Cleveland’s Off-Broadway Theatre.