From the Artistic Director: GROUNDED

Even from the opening few pages of GROUNDED, I loved it. Dating back to high school, I have always been enamored with epic poetry, and this was right in my wheelhouse. From The Iliad, to The Odyssey, to Paradise Lost this genre of writing is beautiful, expressive, urgent, timeless, majestic or… well… epic. Over coffee a number of years ago, I told playwright George Brant how much I’d love to produce this play (this is one of the great luxuries of having this nationally celebrated playwright living just down the street.) I was interested in producing this script as far back as 2013 but, for a variety of reasons, the opportunity didn’t present itself until now. It was worth the wait.

GROUNDED was one of the first scripts to tackle the issue of drone use by the American military. This subject matter tends to open up a series of much bigger questions for audiences, questions that extend well beyond the issue of drones. The beauty of the play is that it examines this topic through an immensely human story. Over the course of the play, we truly get to know The Pilot who, while nameless to us, becomes someone we recognize in our lives and in ourselves. The brilliance of the play is that all of this is achieved almost entirely through text. It does not need crazy set changes, overt projections, or spectacle (though the script certainly could be interpreted by some directors to include these elements to support the text). Yet the writing is so stellar that this play requires nothing more than a gifted and diligent actor to deliver the text and an audience to receive it.

We hope you enjoy this performance of GROUNDED. With a superlative creative team, this is a production that we are very proud of as we continue Dobama’s dynamic 17/18 season. Thank you for your continued support of live, professional theatre.

With Love & Respect,