From the Artistic Director: "brownsville song (b-side for tray)"

There’s a rhythm to life. It comes from many places - the beating of a heart when someone sees someone they love, the bounce in someone’s step when motivated in their work, the quickening of someone’s breath when they are saddened, the twitching of someone’s muscles when they are frightened, or the pattern of the spoken word when someone tells of an experience that has moved them. There’s a rhythm to life. But, when that beat is stopped short, long before it should end, the silence is deafening.

brownsville song (b-side for tray) is about the rhythms and the silence, but more about the rhythm – about life. While Tray’s story rightfully might make us examine gun violence, gang activity, poverty, politics, and much more, we also get a chance to meet a beautiful young man living in an environment that is seldom illuminated onstage and yet exists all around us in our city and every city. Perhaps Tray’s story, and that of his family, may help us make a new connection, and a new investment in the many “Trays” that are joyfully walking through life determined and motivated, despite circumstances that constantly throw so many obstacles in their way.

Dobama Theatre is proud to open the 17/18 Season with Kimber Lee’s brownsville song (b-side for tray). This is the first in a season full of stories that will make you think, feel, and engage in the world in new ways. We are grateful, as always, for your support in making theatre possible and for joining us on this new season “Between the Lines”.

With Love & Respect,