Between the Lines

Lines are everything in the theatre. But, lines extend far beyond the lines written in a script to be memorized by players who strut and fret upon the stage. Lines are everywhere. Lines of ink make up set design plans and taped out lines on rehearsal floors represent worlds that will be built, painted, and dressed for a production. Hundreds of lines of cables run over our heads and beneath our feet, carrying power and sound to lights and speakers. Lines of thread hold costumes together and lines of communication keep stage management and staff in touch to keep every show running smoothly. Yet, perhaps my favorite times in the production process is during table work when cast and creative team sit down to analyze and discuss the text – it’s the part of the rehearsal period when we struggle and strive to read between the lines.

Dobama Theatre is proud to present its dynamic 17/18 Season. This year will feature a lineup of six Mainstage plays that push the envelope and extend the lines of our thinking to look at the world in new ways. Dobama will continue to nurture collaborations with various theatres and organizations in our region to help protect our future and to grow the lines of our reach further into Greater Cleveland and beyond. This season Dobama also continues all programming, including the Playwrights’ GYM, the Dobama Emerging Actors Program, and celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Marilyn Bianchi Kids’ Playwriting Festival. As always, thank you for your support of Dobama and the entire community it serves. We look forward to another year of thrilling new plays that force us all to read between the lines.

With Love & Respect,