From the Artistic Director: THE FLICK


Screens surround us all the time: computer screens, tv screens, cell phone screens, iPad screens, electronic displays… they’re everywhere. The world has never been better informed. We’ve never been more connected to each other. And yet it seems both the information we receive and the personal connections we make are less authentic – they lack depth and understanding. Surrounded by screens that link us, in many ways we’ve never been less connected and more in the dark. THE FLICK is about a little part of the world we miss when we’re racing from place to place staring at a device in the palm of our hand.

In THE FLICK, the lives of three people cleaning a movie theatre in a small town are given an epic treatment − the kind of importance usually reserved for the movies. The audience is a fly on the wall (or in this case, the screen) and we watch their actions and interactions in real time. Nothing is sped up for dramatic effect. Instead, in the hyperrealistic theatricality of Annie Baker, the dialogue, actions, reactions, feelings, and relationships feel truly authentic and leave us with an epic intimacy that is rarely found onstage.

Annie Baker is one of the most important and celebrated playwrights we have in the American Theatre today. She is a different kind of playwright, with a unique style that requires the observer to slow way down and be present. In THE FLICK, she casts a light on three everyday people – people who are simply walked past, left unseen, and often forgotten. 

We hope you enjoy Annie Baker’s masterwork THE FLICK. We are looking forward to bringing you the devilish hit HAND TO GOD to end this season and to announcing another exciting lineup of new plays for our 17/18 season very soon. Help spread the word about Dobama and thank you for supporting live, professional theatre.