Eric Coble is one of a few friends and colleagues in the Cleveland theatre community that I have a standing coffee meeting with about every month or two. The main purpose of the meeting is just to catch up on what each of us are working on, trade thoughts on current “goings on”, and generally talk about ways that we might find collaborative projects moving forward.

At one such meeting we were discussing both some new work by Eric and some plays I was considering for the 17/18 season. Then I confessed to Eric that my biggest whole to fill was a high-quality play that would be fun for families around the holiday season. A lightbulb went off and Eric said something to effect of “Actually, I do have this one play…”. He described an adventure that was commissioned by First Stage (a professional theatre in Milwaukee) and that centered around a group of street kids that solve a crime for Sherlock Holmes and has some things to say about family and self-worth. He sent the play that afternoon, I read it that evening, and by the next morning I emailed Eric and said “We may have our holiday show!”

SHERLOCK HOLMES: THE BAKER STREET IRREGULARS (adapted from a series of beautiful graphic novels) imagines further adventures of a group of youngsters that appear in a few of the Sir Authur Conan Doyle stories. It’s fun, fast-paced, and a chance for the younger members of the Greater Cleveland community to experience the magic of a Dobama Theatre production. The play also examines what it means to be a family and that, while there are people in the world that judge others based on a person’s class, age, or gender, we should all have confidence in who we are and support each other no matter where we come from or the obstacles we face.

We are thrilled to welcome so many families to Dobama for this exciting production. Our young audience members should be sure to check out information on our Marilyn Bianchi Kids’ Playwriting Festival, now in its 40th year! As 2017 comes to a close, please consider a gift to help support Dobama Cleveland’s professional Off Broadway Theatre. And finally, we wish you a happy, healthy, restful, and joyous holiday season. Now sit back, relax, and get ready because the game’s afoot!