From the Artistic Director: THE NIGHT ALIVE

“And now the country is a shambles and we’re crying out for people like you. That can lead us into the light…” - Maurice, THE NIGHT ALIVE

When we first arrive in the first floor drawing room of a decrepit old Dublin house in Conor McPherson’s THE NIGHT ALIVE, we enter a dark, grimy mess of a home. An old man in his pajamas stands with a walking stick and stares out over the dwelling, then scurries away. Enter Tommy, disheveled, worn and out of breath, followed by Aimee, injured, bleeding, and trying to find her way through the disarray.

The play is set in squalor and muck. The people we meet are largely flawed and lead difficult lives, just getting by and making due. With every passing moment, the outlook is bleak. And yet, amidst the dreariness there is the warmth of human connection and compassion.  Above the dark, there is light shining through stained glass windowpanes and double doors, cutting the gloom. Beyond the disorder, there is hope and faith in a small group of people that depend on each other and the promise of redemption.

Conor McPherson is one of our most important playwrights, and this script is among his best. Every line of this play seems real, full of grit and desperation. Yet, under the craftsmanship of a great playwright, dialogue becomes lyrical prose, occasionally transcending into poetry. This is the beauty of THE NIGHT ALIVE.

We hope that in the cold and dark of a Cleveland winter, this production can bring a visceral energy, unexpected warmth, and a little light into your world. From everyone at Dobama, thank you for your continued support as we enter the second half of our exciting 16/17 season. Enjoy the show!