Bathsheba Doran’s THE MYSTERY OF LOVE & SEX is a love story. But this isn’t a your conventional “boy-meets-girl” romantic comedy. This play is about the love of lifelong friends, of a husband and wife in a troubled marriage, the love between father and daughter, mother and son, the search of young people for a partner, and about learning to love yourself. The love and intimate relationships between the characters in this play help them unlock the secrets of who they are.

Discovering who you are is a journey that takes a lifetime. We’re always evolving and changing, as is the world around us, so we’re constantly learning more about ourselves. It’s the people we encounter in our daily life, often those closest to us, who help us understand more about who we are, about what makes each one of us unique.

Dobama Theatre’s 2016/17 Season centers on identity. On the cover of our season brochure you’ll find the phrase “recognize yourself.” We hope that you recognize yourself in some of the characters, relationships, and situations in THE MYSTERY OF LOVE & SEX. The thoughtfulness, humor, and superb writing of Ms. Doran’s beautiful play is indicative of what you’ll find in all the shows in Dobama’s 57th Season. We look forward to seeing you at the theatre throughout the year and hope you get to experience them all.

We remain appreciative of your ongoing support of Dobama Theatre. We’ll continue to bring you first-rate professional productions of some of the best new plays in the American Theatre while fairly supporting local professional theatre artists. Thank you for helping to make that happen.

With Love & Respect,

Nathan Motta
Artistic Director, Dobama Theatre