Recognize yourself.

Identity. This theme pervades all art forms in every time. Why? Because nothing reflects the human experience like exploring who we are as individuals. Sitting amid strangers in a dark theatre for a live, communal experience and watching someone’s story told is a unique way to gain insight into your own life and the lives of others.

Our 2016/17 Season explores identity in different ways. THE MYSTERY OF LOVE & SEX examines sexuality, gender, race, and religion through various types of intimate relationships. Branden Jacobs-Jenkins confronts our nation’s identity in provocative ways in his no-holds-barred play AN OCTOROON. Dobama is proud to bring back last season’s hit PETER AND THE STARCATCHER, a magical journey where a young girl finds true self-confidence and a nameless boy discovers his true identity.  A young woman’s unknown identity is at the center of Conor McPherson’s THE NIGHT ALIVE. Annie Baker’s THE FLICK presents three people who, while getting to know each other, begin to learn important things about themselves. Closing our 57th  Season is HAND TO GOD, where a young man’s identity is hijacked by none other than Satan himself.

A theatre’s identity extends beyond its mission. Dobama has made the commitment to support professional artists, from higher wages to the creative process in which they work. We’ve also made the vital decision that the stories we tell and the people that tell them will reflect the community we serve. Engaging and supporting artists and audiences of every gender identity, race, and socioeconomic position should be standard practice. At Dobama Theatre, it is. This makes us who we are.

We hope you’ll join us for an exciting 2016/17 Season as we explore identity and bring you some of the most important voices in the American Theatre today. As always, thank you for your ongoing support of Dobama Theatre.

With Love and Respect,
Nathan Motta
Artistic Director