From the Artistic Director: THE CALL

“THE CALL is about adoption, yes. It’s about race, midlife, Africa and marriage. It’s also about taking a leap, as terrifying as it may be. It’s about stepping outside your comfort zone and committing to something bigger than yourself. It’s about recognizing the power of change and then actually doing it. About being an active member of society—the global society—and improving upon it. It’s about hearing the call to be something more, and then taking that call. As uncomfortable as it may be.” – Tanya Barfield

One of the most valuable things that theatre can do for audiences and artists alike is create conversation. Theatre can be a catalyst for discussion that has the potential to take a social issue from simply a concept to a reality for the audience.  This can be the first step in prompting better understanding, deeper empathy, and lasting societal change.

Many of these conversations are messy, hard, or uncomfortable, but theatre is a safe space to start this dialogue. These discussions may already be happening around kitchen tables, on park benches, and on living room sofas, but plays like THE CALL can pull those conversations into a public forum. Unlike reading about an event in a newspaper article or seeing a documentary about a social issue, with theatre you’re watching a living, breathing person on stage dealing with a difficult problem in an intensely personal way. 

As the playwright herself says, this is a play about adoption, race, midlife, Africa, marriage, risk taking, global activism, friendship, parenting and much more. What you walk away talking about with friends or go over in your own mind will depend on your own life experience - the personal lens through which you view the play.

We hope you enjoy THE CALL, the second show in Dobama’s 2015/16 Season. We’re so proud to have this relevant, humorous, and beautiful play grace the Dobama stage in our ongoing effort to bring you the best of American Theatre. Please help us continue to grow by spreading the word about the dynamic and exciting work of Dobama Theatre - an Off Broadway theatre right in Cleveland’s backyard.

With Love and Respect,

Nathan Motta