Some basic human needs are obvious: food, water, shelter. They are needed for simple survival. But there are other essential human needs less obvious but just as necessary to living a healthy existence: love, physical intimacy, some kind of belief system. What about family? Is a family essential to survive? Expand the definition of family to close friends, neighbors, or other groups that provide some sense of community or connection to a larger whole. Would family qualify as a basic human need? There are numerous studies on the effects of solitary confinement on mental health and the effects of limited social interaction on the sanity of human beings. Let’s assume for a moment that family is essential to our well-being. How does a family help sustain us?

Pictures with familiar faces surround us and remind us of memories, giving a feeling of love and support. Conversations keep us connected, providing an outlet to explore our feelings, share stories, and hear about someone else’s human experience. Without these things, without personal connection, without someone to share our human experience with, left completely alone with our thoughts, can we truly survive?

THE REVISIONIST throws together two people, each in desperate need of personal validation and connection. The conflict lies in that their needs are in contrast to each other. Maria needs her family. David takes his family for granted while hunting for something else. Each character uses various tactics throughout the play to get what they need, yet by the end, their needs change and each takes a different course of action to survive.

We hope you enjoy this thought-provoking and intriguing new play from actor, playwright, and humorist Jesse Eisenberg. We’ve assembled a stellar group of artists to realize this script, including Cleveland’s treasured Dorothy Silver. It’s always an honor and pleasure to have her on the Dobama stage. Mark your calendars for MARIE ANTOINETTE, the final show in our season. Make plans to come out for our important programs this summer, including the 38th Annual Marilyn Bianchi Kids’ Playwriting Festival and the Playwrights’ GYM “My Story” Festival in June, as well as the Dobama Emerging Actors Program production in July.  Be sure to stay tuned for the announcement of Dobama’s 2016-17 Season in the coming weeks and, as always, thank you for supporting live, professional theatre. You make all the difference.

With Love and Respect,

Nathan Motta, Artistic Director