There are two stories of Marie Antoinette. The first is of an out-of-touch celebrity whose luxurious tastes and massive spending helped cast a nation into financial ruin at a time when the vast majority of the population was starving. The second is of a young girl who was built to be a royal by her cold and domineering mother before being sent off to be married at the age of 14, only to be cast into the powder keg of a political coup. Both stories are true. Both stories culminate in the same ending - rumors fly, an icon becomes a scapegoat, and political extremists murder Marie Antoinette during a Reign of Terror that lasts almost a year.

Like its subject, David Adjmi’s play also has two stories at work. It uses the framework of the major events of Marie Antoinette’s life as Queen of France while employing modern day language. This juxtaposition places the audience in a parallel universe, where the incidents leading to the French Revolution are relevant to life in the present day. In a brilliant way, the playwright’s sharp verbiage and economy of language use the milieu of the French court in the 18th century to echo the current political and cultural climate. The Hall of Mirrors in Mr. Adjmi’s parallel world reflects many of the issues facing America today. These historical events are especially pertinent in this election year, in a country with overwhelming income inequality, where poverty threatens even the richest of nations, and where the public response runs the gamut from peaceful activism to hate and violence.

We’re so excited to bring you this tour-de-force production of MARIE ANTOINETTE. A superb creative team and stellar cast have worked tirelessly to mount this dynamic theatrical experience to close our 2015/16 Season. Thank you for an amazing season! We hope you’re as thrilled as we are about the plays slated for 2016/17. For information on next season, to purchase a membership, or read about other exciting events to come, visit Thank you for being a part of Dobama and, as always, for supporting live professional theatre.

With Love and Respect,
Nathan Motta, Artistic Director