Theatre Magic

*this post appear as the Artistic Director notes in the PETER AND THE STARCATCHER program

“To have faith is to have wings.”

I never believed in “theatre magic”. Like most theatre artists, the majority of my experiences during the early years of my life in the theatre were comprised of high school and amateur productions. Back then, “theatre magic” usually meant that the show was a mess until the week before we opened and magically everything came together in the end. This “magic” was usually caused by everyone finally being scared into putting all their time and effort into learning lines, finishing sets, and locating props. I thought that if everyone came in prepared, were fully dedicated to the show, and had communicated and collaborated with all involved, the excuse of “theatre magic” wouldn’t be necessary and the final product would be a much better show. 

But as time went on and I saw more professional theatre and worked in professional productions, I began to understand the true definition of the term “theatre magic”. I remember seeing prisoners hover along a turntable and Javert jump from a bridge in Les Miserables. I recall watching a young girl stand in a single pool of light, recall a horrific experience, and be immediately transported from my seat at The Public Theatre (NY) to her bedroom. I saw a mansion rise off the ground to reveal two apartments in Sunset Boulevard, a helicopter land in Miss Saigon, and a man become a donkey in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I realized that true theatre magic isn’t about things coming together at the last minute for the people presenting a production. Theatre magic is how the imagination, hard work, skill, and collaboration of theatre artists can make magic real for an audience.

I believe that the big attraction to PETER AND THE STARCATCHER is its “theatre magic”. Even when you can see how the magic is being made, your imagination and connection to the characters on stage make it real and transport you to another place. Dobama Theatre is the perfect venue for this show. Our production will be unique and yet true to the spirit of this play, giving all who enter our space and intimate, epic, and truly magical experience.

Dobama Theatre is honored and grateful to present PETER AND THE STARCATCHER. We expect that this show will be, for many, their first visit to Dobama. We hope that you find out what so many of our members have discovered Dobama to be – a home for professional productions, the best new plays, important conversations, and a tight-knit family community. From everyone here, we wish you and yours a warm and peaceful holiday season.

With Love and Respect,