by Dror Keren
English translation by Michael Ezrachi
directed by Leighann Delorenzo
June 21 - July 8, 2018


2015 Israeli Academy Award for best play

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Run time: 100 minutes
*No intermission
Content Advisory: Adult Themes, Adult Language

The story

Everything is ready for the Israeli Independence Day party at the home of Rochale and her husband Zvika. The lawn has seen better days and so has the family. Their grown son is home from Berlin for the holiday and he’s brought an unexpected guest. Grandmother is frail and attended to by her newly hired Sri Lankan caretaker. As neighbors come to visit, news broadcasts on the television keep everyone on edge. As smoke from the barbecue circles in the air, fighter jets circle in the sky. And as food is passed, drinks poured, and the good old songs sung, conflicts are reignited that cannot be ignored.  

Tensions mount on the home front,  and on the front, in this intimate look into the hopes and heartbreak, feelings and fears of an Israeli family and the community that surrounds them.

There’s people here, there’s the army, the situation at the border, and all those soldiers there, keeping us safe, while we’re here eating steaks and drinking whiskey. And they’ll still be there tomorrow, and also next week, when all the holiday guests return to the foreign lands from which they came.
— Tirtza, ON THE GRILL

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"An important play...so good that it seems we're eavesdropping, not sitting in a theater."
- Jerusalem Post


The Audience

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