brownsville song (b-side for tray)

by Kimber Lee
directed by Jimmie Woody
September 1 - 24, 2017


2015 Lucille Lortel Award nominee

Run time: 100 minutes
no intermission
Content Advisory: Adult Language, Violence


The story

In the Brownsville neighborhood of Brooklyn, a life with infinite potential is tragically cut short. That is where the story both begins and ends. As time shifts gracefully between past and present we meet Tray, his 9-year-old sister Devine, the grandmother who’s raising them, and get introduced to the rest of Tray’s world – a world he’ll leave far too soon.  

a lyrical, vivid, poignant and rhythmic story of love and resilience

So don’t begin your telling with me
It don’t begin here where I sit shook stupid
Start with him please
Start with Tray
— Lena, brownsville song (b-side for tray)

The Artists



“… such overflowing hope and love in Lee’s lyrical script that our emotional experience follows along as if buoyed by a coursing current”.
- DC Metro Theater Arts  

The Audience

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