33 1/3: a new musical

Book, Music and Lyrics by Jay Turvey and Paul Sportelli
directed by Matthew Wright
music directed by Matthew Dolan
choreography by Holly Handman-Lopez
June 27 - July 14, 2019


Playwrights Guild of Canada Stage West Pechet Family Best New Musical Award

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Run time: TBA
Content Advisory: Adult Themes, Adult Language

The story

A moving new musical about coming-of-age and coming-out.

It's 1974 and Jules finds small-town existence stifling. He lives for listening to the latest records with his best friend Jill, but dreams of an exciting life in New York City. While Jules’ mother is in the hospital, his father is trying his best at home with his only son. Jules encounters Francis, an openly gay, Bowie-loving young man and romance begins to bloom as Jules slowly discovers and acknowledges his sexuality. Jules also encounters Victor, an angry young man from a troubled home who seeks relief by pounding on the drums in his basement. All four young people experience a tumultuous New Year's Eve and younger Jules makes a decision that will change his life and all those around him.

In 1974, America was in love with the color
brown; we were all trying to get back to earth. Girls wore Mexican-brown ponchos, boys wore brown cords, record album covers had blurry, brown edges. Everything was autumn-burgeoning brown. Candles stuck into empty bottles of Chianti dripped wax onto wooden coffee tables as young people sat around and talked about life, about the future. And there was always a record on the turntable.
— Older Jules, 33 /13

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The Audience

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